Fire engine KU551

The first-out fire engine to leave from the Savio volunteer fire department station is KU551, a Scania P360 build in 2013. This fire engine was first used by the city of Kerava fire department and it was handed over to Savio volunteer fire department in the summer of 2018. The engine has a 360 Hp diesel and a Scania Opticruise automatic transmission with 6 gears.

Tanker KU553

This water tanker leaves the station generally together with KU551, to ensure we have enough water when necessary. But it can also work on its own, or together with fire engines from other fire departments. When KU553 works together with KU551, the commander of KU551 is also the commander for KU553.


Volkswagen Crafter KU557 is a personnel transport unit bought by the Savio VFD in December 2016.

In the end of 2015, a new vehicle was launched to the Savio VFD to support our specialty in salvage and overhaul. The new car was eventually found and bought second hand in Poland.