Fire engine KU551

The first-out fire engine to leave from the Savio volunteer fire department station is KU551, a Volvo FM 42 RB build in 2006. This fire engine was first used by the city of Kerava fire department and it was handed over to Savio volunteer fire department in the summer of 2013. The engine has a 250 kW diesel and a Volvo I-shift automatic transmission with 6 gears.

This fire engine is equipped with a tank of 2800 liters (750 gallons) of water and is connected with a Esteri D-240 hydraulic powered pump.

Thanks to the powerful motor in combination with a Dynaset 15 kw generator, it is possible to generate electric power on the emergency scene.

The fire engine is normally manned by 6 persons, the driver (who is also responsible for the water pump), the commander and 4 firefighters.

This fire engine is not only used for extinguishing fires, dealing with car crashes or fallen trees but also for first aid tasks or different kinds of clean up work. That’s why the engine is also equipped with first aid kit, hydraulic tools for road rescue operations, traffic control sings to guarantee work safety, and much other tools that are needed for quick actions on the emergency scene.