Tanker KU553

This water tanker leaves the station generally together with KU551, to ensure we have enough water when necessary. But it can also work on its own, or together with fire engines from other fire departments. When KU553 works together with KU551, the commander of KU551 is also the commander for KU553.

The water tank engine is a Scania P114 and is built in 2002. Before arriving at Savio volunteer fire department in 2011, it has first served the cities of Kerava and Tuusula fire departments. The tanker has a water tank of 10.000 liter water and 1.000 liter of foam. It is equipped with a powerful hydraulic pump, and this unit can be used alone as a normal fire engine if necessary.

This unit has a big water canon assembled on the roof of the cabin.It can be used from inside the cabin or outside by using a remote controller. An extra help for the user of the water canon are strong xenon work lights. These lights are also excellent if KU553 is used for search tasks.

The main job of this engine is transporting water to the scene where needed. It can be operated as an water balancing tank and as a powerful pump. The KU553 is equipped with basic fire extinguishing tools to work as a stand-alone unit, backed up by firefighters from KU557 (personnel transporter). This unit has a 340 horse power diesel, Allison automatic transmission, ABS brakes and traction control. In winter conditions, the differential lock offers stability as well as the Onspot wheel chains.

The KU553 is easy to indicate as Savio volunteer fire department vehicle, because of its special color cheme. The color cheme is designed by the department itself, and is presented in all vehicles of the department. Before a driver is allowed to drive the KU553 to an emergency scene, the driver gets an extensive course how to control this tanker. Driving with more than 10.000 liters of liquid needs special exercise to control and operate the engine safely.